Direct Deposit: A simple, safe, and smart way to get paid.

With Direct Deposit, you don't have to spend time waiting in line to make a deposit. Direct Deposit is completely secure; the funds are delivered to the bank electronically and available to you immediately and the possibility of lost checks is zero.

Direct Deposit is simple.

You don't have to go to the Bank to deposit your checks. Once set up, your money is automatically deposited into your account on time, every time. You don't have to be at work, at the bank, or even in town!

Direct Deposit is safe.

Your money is credited to your account electronically; payments are confidential and never get lost.

Direct Deposit is smart.

You will have access to your money sooner than if you would have deposited a check because there is no waiting for the check to clear.

For More Information contact your Country Bank representative.