Introducing Country Bank E-Alerts

What are E-Alerts?: E-Alerts are new options offered to Country Bank customers that enables you to receive email messages notifying you of specific activities that are occuring within your account. Among the many options for E-Alerts include:

Balance Alert:

  • Receive an email notifying you if your account has fallen below a set dollar amount.

Item Alert:

  • Receive an email to inform you when a check has been cleared.

Personal Alert:

  • Customize alerts to fit your personal needs such as to receive an email to remind you that the payment due date for your bills is approaching.

How E-Alerts will benefit you: E-Alerts enables you to be up to date with the activities that are going on within your account. This allows for better protection and control over your acount and can help to detect fraud early on and solve the problem immediately. It can also help you to prevent overdraft fees by notifying you that your account has fallen below a certain amount.

How to sign up for E-Alerts:

  • Log on to your Online Banking account.
  • Click on the "Options" tab.
  • Click on the "Alerts" tab where a page will be displayed of various Alert options to choose from. (Balance, Item, and Personal)
  • Click any of the "Edit Alerts" Links and proceed to check off the box for the email messages you want to receive about your account activities.
  • Click on the submit button and your Online Banking E-Alerts will be set up.
  • For assistance or questions please call your local branch