Country Banks Business Checking gives your business options

Your checking account is the backbone of your business's cash management. At Country Bank it is important to us to offer options that provide you with value, ease, and convenience. Whatever option you choose, you will also receive:

Plus: View your checks online with Country Bank Check Imaging

Balancing your account has never been easier!

No more putting checks in orderówe do it for you. Check images are sorted in numerical order, just like your statement. The check number, date paid and amount are printed below the images. This saves time, makes checks easy to store, and the Internal Revenue Service accepts images as proof of payment.

Account Plans More Info Minimum Opening Balance Minimum Balance to Avoid Service Charges Monthly Service Charge Interest Bearing
Simplified Business Checking More» $100.00 $10,000.00 Average Daily Balance $12.00 / month if Average Daily Balance is below $10,000.00. ($.25 per transaction over 150 items) No

Simplified Business Checking

  • For the business client who does not anticipate high volume account activity.
  • Up to 150 transactions per statement cycle, at no cost.
  • Available to all business clients.
  • Direct Deposit available.
  • Night Drop Service.

Business Checking More» $100.00 Varies, not tied to a Minimum Daily Balance $12.00 / month
$.20 per deposit.
$.20 per item deposited
$.20 per item debited

Business Checking

  • Designed to benefit the business client with high transaction volume.
  • Receive unlimited amount of check writing privileges with no minimum balance requirements.
  • Receive earning credit of $.15 per each $100.00 on average daily balance.
  • Available to all business clients.
  • Direct Deposit available.
  • Night Drop Service.

Business NOW Checking More» $3,000.00 $3,000.00 Minimum Daily Balance $15.00 / month if Monthly Daily Balance is below $3,000.00 Yes

Business NOW Checking

  • An interest-bearing checking plan available to all businesses.
  • Interest is compounded daily and credited to the account monthly.
  • Direct Deposit available.
  • Night Drop Service.
  • Variable rates may change after opening.

Non-Profit Organization Checking More» $100.00 N/A None No

Non-Profit Organization Checking

  • A plan designed to meet the needs of community organizations that need the benefits of checking.
  • No monthly service fees.
  • Direct Deposit available.
  • Night Drop Service.